Celebrate Learning

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We help teens thrive without high school.

We provide fun electives, study support and a welcoming community to inspire and encourage teens on their journey of self-discovery. While being encouraged by our great team to participate in activities, teens can opt out anytime to focus on their personal interests and priorities. This freedom helps teens to develop self-confidence, self-direction and self-care.

Who is it for?

Our priority is helping disengaged highschool students struggling with test anxiety, academic burnout, ADHD, bullying or general disinterest in schoolwork. We help them re-engage through fun, social learning and a low-stress English and Maths program called FLIQ.

We are an approved provider of the Flexible Learning Initiative Qld (FLIQ) English and Maths program for ages 13-16 and we can cater for learning difficulties such as ADHD and ASD (level 1 only). The FLIQ program offers pathways to TAFE or job-readiness for older teens.

Our community engagement program is especially suited for students who feel lost and overwhelmed at high school and would rather focus on personal priorities like developing a natural talent, exploring a variety of career options or improving their mental health.

As well as the FLIQ program, we occasionally have casual spaces open up for homeschoolers from age 12. Check out the pathways below to learn more.


FLIQ Pathway (ages 13+)

Prepare for work, study and life

This pathway is helpful for students who have struggled with the following:

  • low attendance at school

  • not handing in homework or assessments

  • giving up on school work because it is too hard or irrelevant (e.g. suddenly getting D's)

The Flexible Learning Initiative Queensland (FLIQ) helps learners to re-engage and prepare for study through a number of different pathways.

  1. English & Maths focus: young people can enrol in the Basic Key Skill Builder (BKSB) program to work at their own level and pace, or they can enrol in Year 10 English, Maths and chosen electives through Charters Towers School of Distance Education.

  2. VET courses: after doing one of the above options, teens can enrol in VET courses including IT, Business, Visual Arts, Education Support and Agriculture.

  3. Employment focus: topics including preparing a resume, finding a place to live, reading bills and handling food safely.

Basic Key Skill Builder (BKSB)

Meets TAFE entry requirements

The BKSB has 5 levels. Young people who finish Level 3 and start working at Level 4 will meet the literacy and numeracy requirements to go to TAFE.

It's about motivation, not speed

Our main goal is NOT to get teens through as quickly as possible but rather to make sure that they enjoy the learning journey so that they develop self-motivation.

Example questions:

Homeschool Pathway (ages 12+)

12 year olds who aren't eligible for the FLIQ program can register for homeschooling until they turn 13 and do independent learning until they become eligible for the FLIQ program. We also have limited places for teens who are already homeschooling or doing Distance Education.

You can immediately withdraw your child from school by following the steps below.

1. Get provisional registration for 60 days by emailing homeeducation@qed.qld.gov.au. For an email template that you can copy and send to the HEU, click here.

2. Make a plan for the year with learning resources such as Khan Academy, Mathletics, Outschool or Galileo. Galileo offers a personalised learning plan & tracking tool which can be used for registration and reporting to the Qld Home Education Unit. They also have a daily online check-in with young people from all over the world plus lots of online clubs & classes. Book a consultation at https://galileoxp.com/ unschooling/get-consultation

3. Track your child's learning and create an annual report with samples of their progress

Celebrate Learning electives

Develop social & personal skills

For young people who have struggled with social anxiety, bullying, mental health issues or low self-esteem, Celebrate Learning offers fun, weekly electives that boost confidence and encourage connection. Electives we have run in the past include:

  • Social Skills with DND - Critical Core: developed under the guidance of therapists and child psychiatrists, this fantasy role-playing game invites young people to enter a shared world of quests, consequence, and social problem solving.

  • People Skills using PEERS videos: PEERS is the leading evidence-based social skills intervention program for teenagers and young adults with social challenges ASD, ADHD, anxiety, depression and other socio-emotional problems. PEERS videos are combined with role-playing activities and pop culture references that young people can relate to.

  • Cooking & Life Skills: we have explored nutrition, baking, car maintenance and a wide variety of other life skills to help young people become more confident and independent.

  • Anime, SFX & Minecraft: when we have a group of young people who share a common interest, we may host special events such as our Anime Cosplay event. These special clubs and events help young people find and build friendships with like-minded people


Trial Day/s

  • Trial days: $70/day for up to 10 days

  • Full membership: $1600/term

  • Fee adjustments: our current sponsorship places have been filled. For fee help information, including information about NDIS funding, please click here

How do I know if this is right for my child?

To find out how Celebrate Learning could work for your family, book a free consultation by emailing admin@celebratelearning.net. We can also recommend other great alternatives like Distance Education and TAFE.