Celebrate Learning

We help teens thrive without highschool.

We provide 1-on-1 mentoring, interest-led electives and a welcoming community to inspire and encourage teens on their journey of self-discovery.

Our community engagement program is especially suited for students who feel lost and overwhelmed at highschool and would rather focus on personal priorities like developing a natural talent, exploring a variety of career options or improving their mental health.

A Week at Celebrate Learning

(Program for the first half of Term 3)

Teens also have the freedom to opt out of any activity in order to spend more time on their personal interests and priorities. Teens may choose to study in the library, work on a craft project, read a book or play a game with other teens. This freedom helps teens to develop self-confidence, self-direction and self-care.

What does the Celebrate Learning program include?

  • Fun electives: 3 full days of activities based around members' interests and volunteers' passions

  • Mentoring: up to 45 minutes a week where teens update their digital learning log, set new goals, ask for help and debrief about the progress of their independent learning

  • Parent updates: parents can communicate with mentors and staff via email, at parent information events and during an end-of-term meeting

  • Further support: help finding other local classes, online courses, excursions and one-on-one tutoring as desired (these activities may incur additional costs)

What does the program NOT include?

  • Assignments and exams (woohoo, no chronically prolonged stress!)

  • Report cards (woohoo, the only person you are comparing yourself with is you!)

  • Academic rigour (woohoo, self-motivated learning beats forced learning every time!

      • Learners can choose to join academic style Math and English classes if they want but if they show no interest in the content, they will be encouraged to find something else to do that they are genuinely interested in.

  • Certificate of graduation

      • TAFE offers a Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation as well as other more focussed qualifications and pathways for learners who decide they want to go to university later on.

What are the program fees?

2-3 day/wk membership (includes loyalty & flexibility discount):

  • $190 (initial registration fee, including personalised homeschool plan) +

  • $760 for 5x weekly 1-on-1 mentoring & project support + 10 days of community engagement program

+ Tax-deductible donation to help cover access to the youth space outside of program hours (10am-3pm) and additional program days

Self-managed and plan-managed NDIS funding may apply. For fee help information, click here. All membership fees are exclusive of excursions, incursions, food or transport fees.

Casual rates:

  • $61.60/hour for 1-on-1 mentoring & project support (45 mins face-to-face + 15 mins admin)

  • $35/hour for community engagement program

  • $380 family consultation and personalised homeschool plan

  • Casual pass: $305 for 5 days of community engagement program (10:45am-2:15pm)

*Fees last updated July 2021 and are subject to change.

Discounts are available

NDIS funds may be applicable. Click here for fee help information.

When & where is the program held?

The program runs on Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays between 10am-3pm. The Celebrate Learning youth centre is at 6C/26 Redland Bay Rd, Capalaba. Some activities are held in Capalaba Library, Capalaba Regional Park, Capalaba Youth Plaza and at other local venues.

The Celebrate Learning program is all about connecting with the real world, so participants are encouraged to spend their non-program days of the week getting involved in the community by participating in local workshops, volunteering at community events, getting a part time job or interning in their field of interest. However, as this program is also about fostering independence, no activities are compulsory and participants will never be coerced into doing something that they don't feel comfortable with.

How do I know if this is right for my child?

To find out how Celebrate Learning could work for your family, book a free consultation by emailing admin@celebratelearning.net or by calling Amy on 0478 269 912. Amy can also recommend other great alternatives like Distance Education and TAFE.