Check out the below resources for answers to our most frequently asked questions!

"Can I really trust my child to choose?"

"The Self-Driven Child" is an amazing book with lots of practical tips, conversation roleplays and brain research. Borrow it from Celebrate Learning or buy it on Amazon: click here

"How do I help my child deschool?"

Deschooling is the transition between school and learning independently. It includes a significant time (from weeks to months) of letting a child relax and recover: click here

"All they do is play video games!"

Check out this insightful article about how an interest in video games can lead to great learning: click here

"When will they learn maths?"

Check out this article, as well as the comments at the end, to see how an unschooling family sees the math in daily life: click here

"Can they still get into university?"

To learn about the many alternative pathways to university that people can access whenever they are ready, click here or here

"What do they do with all that free time?"

Blake Boles has great videos and books for families, including "How To Be a Badass Teen Homeschooler": click here

Home Education

To register with the Home Education Unit in QLD: click here

Note: the Celebrate Learning mentoring program can help you write the annual learning plan

Distance Education

There are many state and private Distance Education programs or "online schools" in QLD. For reviews, click here

Alternative Schools

Not all schools look the same. Google Search for a Montessori, Steiner, Maridahdi, Autism Centre, Gifted & Talented program, YMCA or TAFE program near you.

Idea Hub

Hundreds of activity ideas for independent learning: click here