Celebrate Learning

We help youth thrive without school.

Celebrate Learning is a 3 day/week alternative to school that re-engages youth mentally and socially through fun, flexibility and friendship building activities. We now have an online community too!

We provide engaging electives, study support and a welcoming community to inspire and encourage teens on their journey of self-discovery. While being encouraged by our great team to participate in activities, teens can opt out anytime to focus on their personal interests and priorities. This freedom helps teens to develop self-confidence, self-direction and self-care. 

Who is it for?

Our priority is helping disengaged school students struggling with test anxiety, academic burnout, ADHD, bullying or general disinterest in schoolwork. We help them re-engage through fun, social learning and goal focussed mentoring. 

Our community engagement program is especially suited for students who feel lost and overwhelmed at school and would rather focus on personal priorities like developing a natural talent, exploring a variety of career options or improving their mental health. 

How does it work?

Celebrate Learning electives

Develop social & personal skills

For young people who have struggled with social anxiety, bullying, mental health issues or low self-esteem, Celebrate Learning offers fun, weekly electives that boost confidence and encourage connection. Electives we have run in the past include:


We are not a school, so most of our members are either exemption from school (click here to learn more) or registered as homeschoolers. Think bigger than "school at home." Instead of home schooling, how about life learning!

We can help families register for homeschooling and come up with natural ways of learning life skills at home, supplemented by our great program at Celebrate Learning.  We also have limited places for teens who are already homeschooling or doing Distance Education. 

You can immediately withdraw your child from school by following the steps below.

1. Get provisional registration for 60 days by emailing homeeducation@qed.qld.gov.au. For an email template that you can copy and send to the HEU, click here.

2. Make a plan for the year  with learning resources such as Khan Academy, Mathletics, Outschool, FLIQ English & Maths curriculum or pre-apprenticeship workbooks. Get in touch to enquire about our $50 automated plan making tool.

3. Track your child's learning and create an annual report with samples of their progress, e.g. one short story and one maths project from the beginning and end of the year.


Trial Day/s

Casual days coming soon! Follow us on Facebook for updates.

How do I know if this is right for my child?

To find out how Celebrate Learning could work for your family, book a free consultation by emailing admin@celebratelearning.net. We can also recommend other great alternatives like Distance Education and TAFE. 

Celebrate Learning is a member of the Liberated Learners network, a group of passionate educators all around the world helping young people learn without school.

To learn more about Liberated Learners, visit https://liberatedlearners.net/